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The House on Profit Leak Hill - Dashboard NY

30 October 2020

Lightning streaks across the black sky as you pass through the rusted front gate of Profit Leak Manor. The mansion before you is dark and ominous, but you believe it holds answers you need. Your friends warned you away: some things, they say, are better left unknown. 

The heavy door swings slowly open on creaking hinges. You walk inside.

You are hit by the pungent, moldering smell of bad employee attitudes and excess purchasing costs. In the darkness you can see goblins skittering across the floors and walls. They are broken process goblins, and now they do nothing but rip holes in the walls and floors. The mulch of lost earnings drains away through the gashes.

You hear moaning and turn to see zombie expenses shambling towards you. It’s an army of recurring expenses, set in motion and long forgotten, that continue to eat away at your profits. 

Turning, you see your employees at the other end of the hallway. Surely they’ll protect you. But as you run towards them they appear and disappear in a flurry of turnover, leaving a confused, untrained workforce that needs more help than they can offer.

You run into the library. The answers should be here, yet the records are incomplete and disorganized. In the middle of the room is the crystal ball of forecasting. It is cracked and darkened. The future is unknown.

The zombie expenses storm in, overwhelming your untrained staff. You see another door and try to push through, but it is blocked by a pile of work-in-progress, unmoving and unbillable. The broken process goblins scramble in and begin to tear through walls and support beams. As the ceiling collapses and you scream out, “I DIDN’T BUDGET FOR THIS!” the zombies and goblins and employees shriek, a horrible, endless nightmare sound …

… of your alarm clock.

You are lying in bed, soaked in sweat. It was all a nightmare. Your business isn’t falling down around your head. Everything’s fine. 

Yet the nightmare stays with you. Could it all be true? Are your profits leaking away like water into sand? Are you working too hard for what you’re getting? Was that just a dream, or a vision of your dark future?

A friend had recently told you about a company called that helped them organize their finances and streamline their costs. You find the number and dial it. As the phone rings, you watch through your window as the sun rises above the horizon. The day is clear and the future is bright as a voice greets you:

“Hi, this is Dashboard. How can we help?”

Do profit leaks keep you up at night?

Visit us online at www.dashboardny.com or call (516) 385-2333.
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