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Why do ambitious women have flat heads? - Dashboard NY

10 July 2018

It is no secret that starting a business is an overwhelming endeavor especially when you are a woman. Fortunately, one of the most successful tech entrepreneur’s, Dame Stephanie Shirley, did not let this stop her. For her it is not a man or a woman’s world, it’s simply a world of opportunity. Shirley surpassed her own expectations and she brings her wealth of experience to her TedTalk. She eloquently describes her journey of building an all-woman software company using the name, “Steve”  to overcome gender obstacles. Now valued at $3 billion dollars, with over 8,000 employees and having made 70 of her original staff millionaires, she has transformed her world and that of many others.  Her Tedtalk is essential viewing for any business person; gender isn’t the issue, being in business is what it’s all about.

So, why do women have flat heads? Dame Shirley explains.