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How the Grinch Needed A Better Record-Keeping System - Dashboard NY

24 December 2020

In Whoville they tell of the Grinch with his sack
Who one night stole Christmas then gave it all back.
But the genial Whos don’t hold a grudge long
So they never point out he returned it all wrong.

He gathered up presents and stockings and trees
From hundreds of Who homes on dozens of streets
But when his view changed and his tiny heart grew
He hadn’t a clue what he’d grabbed from which Who.

He threw presents at random, the tags were long gone
Cindy Lou, who was two, got a gown from Milan
While the elderly mayor, a hundred and three,
got a book on some ways to survive puberty.

The Whos didn’t gripe, they thanked him with smiles
Then put gifts in bins or the bottom of piles
They considered a gift swap which seemed quite appealing
But worried the swap might bruise tender grinch feelings
(And the Whos aren’t the sort to engage in such dealings).

Now, do you, like the Grinch, find you have bric-a brac
Or things more essential of which you lose track?
Do you think you have three when you really have one?
Did you miss that your fourteen has slimmed down to none?

There are so many things in our home and our shed
And it’s more than will comfortably fit in our head
That’s why we keep records, to know in a pinch –
Yes it’s why we keep records, (unless you’re the Grinch
Who doesn’t keep records, we’ve said this before
But he’s not the role model you’re looking for)

You remember some things, you’re doing your best
But when records are poor, you lose track of the rest
You’ll lose track of your fluflers and giflins and such
And if you can’t find them they won’t help you much

If you’ve got a business and you’re at a loss
To keep inventory or track vendor costs
Well that’s what we’re here for, we’ll lend you a hand
We’ll search out your problems and make up a plan
Call us up! Drop a line! Or just give us a shout!
We’re Dashboard NY and we will help you out.

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