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Avoiding the Entrepreneurial Cliff: The Other Thelma & Louise Story

16 March 2021

For Louise, numbers told the most accurate story of a business. She found comfort and insight in seeing those same reports that left Thelma bewildered. Numbers were a map that told you where you were, where you needed to go, and how to get there. You just had to know how to read it.

How a KPI Helped an Entrepreneur Let Go of the Baggage That Was Holding Her Back.

Got too much inventory holding up your cash?
18 February 2021

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) can make a huge difference in your business. Simply put, KPIs use data to track a key aspect of your organization’s performance. With precise growth objectives and accurate data, a dashboard of KPIs can paint a clear picture of what’s happening in your company and suggests new directions for growth and/or… Read more »

When to Leverage Your Most Valuable Resource: YOU

20 January 2021

A couple of decades ago, a programmer/writer/polymath named Bill Templeton calculated Bill Gates’ hourly wage at $300 per second and concluded that if he dropped a thousand-dollar bill, it would not be worth his time to pick it up. Most of us don’t have an hourly wage that makes picking cash up off the ground… Read more »

How the Grinch Needed A Better Record-Keeping System

24 December 2020

In Whoville they tell of the Grinch with his sackWho one night stole Christmas then gave it all back.But the genial Whos don’t hold a grudge longSo they never point out he returned it all wrong. He gathered up presents and stockings and treesFrom hundreds of Who homes on dozens of streetsBut when his view… Read more »

A “Carefrontational” Wrap to 2020: Get Your Books In Order.

17 December 2020

At DashboardNY we believe in “carefrontation.” That means telling you the truth, even when it’s a hard truth, because we care about your success. So after congratulating you for surviving this long, exhausting year, I need to tell you that you can’t just coast your way into 2021 in the hopes that you’ll be energized… Read more »

You Can’t Make a Thanksgiving Dinner if You Don’t Know What’s in Your Kitchen

25 November 2020

Many of us have scaled back Thanksgiving plans this year, but it’s still a good time to consider the similarities between the grand undertaking of a big meal and the grand undertaking of running a business. With both, you need a process to track what you have and what you need. Otherwise you might wind… Read more »

How to Save Money and Stop Flushing Profit Away

11 November 2020

In 2009, Japanese airline Air Nippon realized it was time to deal with a big problem; passengers were quite literally flushing profits down the drain.  One of the big expenditures of airlines is fuel.  The heavier the plane, the more fuel it burns. That’s why airlines are always experimenting with new ways to shave a… Read more »

The House on Profit Leak Hill

30 October 2020

Lightning streaks across the black sky as you pass through the rusted front gate of Profit Leak Manor. The mansion before you is dark and ominous, but you believe it holds answers you need. Your friends warned you away: some things, they say, are better left unknown. The heavy door swings slowly open on creaking hinges. You walk inside.

A Look at 2020: The Year We All Embraced Change

23 October 2020

I’ve been a big fan of remote offices for a long time: most of our team has been remote for the past five years, and this past July we finally gave up our office space altogether and never looked back. But until this year, many people thought our remote-office structure was well, kind of nuts…. Read more »

It’s a beautiful day in my neighborhood. How about yours?

23 September 2020

{3 min. read} It’s a beautiful day in my neighborhood. How about yours? “It’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood, a beautiful day for a neighbor, could you be mine?” The opening line of the Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood theme song is soothing and welcoming, but it’s also something more. It’s good business advice. Your business… Read more »


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